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Larry’s Maytag strives to provide the best refrigerator and freezer repair services in Southgate, CA. As one of the most important appliance’s, you depend on your refrigerator and freezer to maintain your food fresh. At Larry’s Maytag, we know that a defective fridge or freezer means problems for the homeowner. We know that a well maintained refrigerator will save you money on the long run and also helps to protect the environment, since a poorly maintained refrigerator uses more energy.

Call us if your refrigerator or freezer is dealing with any of this problems:

  • Water dripping or leaking.

  • The freezer is not cold enough.

  • The temperature regulator doesn’t work.

  • Weird noises in the back of the fridge.

  • Water or ice dispensers are not working.

  • Ice sheets covering the freezer’s floor.

  • Freezer is cold, but refrigerator is warm

  • Coils frosting up

  • Defrost drain problems

  • Indicator light is out

  • Not working, clicking sound

  • Runs all the time

  • And many more…

Our experienced technicians are standing by to get your appliance back to work. We repair any issue of any major brands that are in the market. Feel free to make an appointment or just give us a call. You won’t regret it!!

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